Caterpillar Lithiumion battery Available at Wholesale Price in Pakistan

caterpillar battery price in Pakistan

Caterpillar Brand have 12VDC 100Ah 24vdc100AH and 48vdc100AH lithium ion battery cells world leading brand in the world of lithiumion battery Authorized Sole Distributor in Pakistan. Available Models in Pakistan Narada I Caterpillar Lithiumion Battery are stated as under:

  1. 12v100AH Lithium ion Battery
  2. 12v200AH Lithium ion Battery
  3. 24v100AH Lithium ion Battery
  4. 24v200AH Lithium ion Battery
  5. 48v100AH Lithium ion Battery


Battery Type: LifePO4, Normal Voltage : 51.2 Normal Capacity: 51.20, Voltage Window: 44.8-58.4 Folat Charge Voltage: 55.2 Max. Continue Discharge Current(A): 100 Max. Pulse Discharge (A): 200A 30 Sec Cell Equalizer Current (A):1-5A Max Storage Temperature: 0-30 C, Safety Duration ; 06 Months, Safety Standards: UN38.3, IEC62619, MSDS, CE, IP Degree: IP20 Protection : Overcharge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Temperature @ Rs.380,000


Narada Lithiumion Battery Available at wholesale Price in Pakistan

NPFC(Narada LiFePO4) series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO4(Lithium Iron phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system, etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong environmental adaptability. Narada I Caterpillar Lithiumion Battery 

• LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) battery

• High energy density, Light weight, saving space.
• Long cycle life for deep cycle.
• Fast charge capability
• Integrated Battery Manage System (BMS) to ensure battery safety and reliability.
• Support parallel connection to increase capacity
• LED status and alarm indication
• Low self-discharge rate
• No memory effect
• No gassing
• Maintenance free

48NPFC10, 48NPFC20, 48NPFC30, 48NPFC50, 48NPFC70, 48NPFC75, 48NPFC80, 48NPFC100 @ Rs.440,000/*

Narada Lithium ion battery

Sacred Sun Lithiumion Battery

sacredsun lithiumion battery price in Pakistan


All lithium-ion batteries applied in various segments are being produced by world’s best manufacturing and technology.

We present all kinds of optimized solutions to meet customer’s needs and offer differentiated values to our users with higher performance, longer life and more reliable safety.


Product features:

(1) Compared with VRLA battery with the same capacity, low load-bearing requirements save installation space

(2) The battery pack is equipped with a BMS management system, which is rich in functions and can realize convenient battery management by cooperating with the upper computer software

(3) The charging and discharging parameters need not be adjusted to match the original switching power supply system in the machine room

(4) Compatible with multiple communication modes of R232, RS485 and SNMP

(5) A variety of installation and use modes are designed, which can meet the requirements of diversified application scenarios, such as standard cabinet, wall hanging, pole holding, landing, strap, lever box, etc

(6) Multiple sets of parallel connection can be used, and can be equipped with parallel hub and supporting cables, which is easy to connect and can solve the discharge unbalance problem caused by multiple sets of parallel connection. 

SCIFP4810, SCIFP4820, SCIFP4830, SCIFP4850(2U) , SCIFP4850(3U), SCIFP48100(3U), SCIFP48100(5U), SCIFP48150, SCIFP48150U, SCIFP48200@ Rs.385,000/-

Pylontech Lithiumion Battery Price in Pakistan

  • The expected design life is 15+ years
  • Greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%)
  • Working temperatures of between 0°C to 50°C
  • The internal molecular structure of the LFP batteries is more stable 
  • Advanced BMS that allows you to report alarms in real-time
  • Vertical industry integration guarantees more than 6000 cycles with 90% DoD
  • Sleek, compact design fits your home environment
  • Provides up to 5KW with a single  4.8 KWh module @ Rs.510,000/-
pylontech lithium battery price in pakistan

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