Wireless Alarm System

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Wireless Alarm System

AMS wireless alarm system have with latest sensor record motion, vibrations and human detection sensor to provide safe and sound. if you are not in any home and anyone try too open your home gate or windows you can get alerts on your mobile devices.

Main Features

  1. AMS GSM Home burglar alarm system wireless
  2. AMS Automatic Arm/Disarm by timer
  3. Home AMS GSM alarm Remote control by phone /SMS messages
  4. GSM alarm system with 6 wireless alarm zones+4 wired alarm zones
  5. 6 groups voice telephone alarm + 3 groups SMS alarm.
  6. EPROM information protection, information never lost
  7. Built-in back up battery, and it is rechargeable after use out.

Types of Sensors

  • Motion Sensor 

Motion sensor is essential part of Security alarm system. mostly used in swing or sliding windows. if any one travel in front of sensor angel of 120 degree detect and get alerts on site and mobile device both.

  • Door Contacted Sensor 

Door sensor is basically have two parts. one is used on gate border and send is on gate if any one trying to open door suddenly within a second he gets alert. it is usually used for gate.

  • Vibration Sensor 

it is mostly used on glass of window, if any one try to force glass or hit hard things on glass, sensor detect and get alerts on cell phones and physically on site.

  • Conclusion

There are many types of sensor like Motion, Temperature, vibration,  weather, humidity, gas, weather, fire, smoke whereas mostly used are mentioned above. for order and get free survey at site call now to team.

  • System Includes
  • 1 x Alarm host (main unit
  • 1 x Wireless door magnetic contact
  • 1 x PIR sensor
  • 2 x Remote controllers
  • 1 x Siren
  • 1 x Special power source
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Binding post
  • 1 x User manual

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