AMS Electric Fence is authothorized distributor of Leoch, Power safe and Long Dry battery in Pakistan. World Best Leading Company of Power backup equipments batteries for solar and UPS prices available at wholesale rates at below rating

12v5ah dry battery
12v5AH Dry Battery Leoch @ Rs.2,450
12v7Ah Dry battery
12v7AH Dry Battery Leoch @ Rs.2,950
12v7AH Dry battery Leoch
12v5AH Dry Battery Leoch @ Rs.4,450
12v12Ah Leoch dry Battery
12v5AH Dry Battery Leoch @ Rs.8,850
12v18AH Dry Battery Leoch @ Rs.14,500
12v24AH Leoch dry battery
12v24Ah Dry battery Leoch @ Rs.22,000
12v40Ah Dry battery Price
12v40AH Dry battery Leoch @ Rs.32,000
12v65Ah Dry battery Leoch
12v40AH Dry battery Leoch @ Rs. 42,000
12v100Ah Dry battery Leoch @ Rs.54,500
12v120AH Leoch Battery
12v120Ah Dry battery Leoch @ Rs.74,500
12v150Ah Dry Battery Leoch
12v150Ah Dry battery @ Rs.85,000
12v200Ah Dry battery Leoch
12v200Ah Dry battery Leoch @ Rs.110,000
12v100Ah Narada Battery
12v100Ah Polymer Gel Narada @ Rs.74,000
12v150Ah Polymer Gel narada battery
12v150Ah Narada Battery @ Rs.92,000
12v155Ah Polymer Gel MPG Narada battery
12v155AH MPG Series narada battery @ Rs.94,000
12v200Ah Polymer Gel Narada battery
12v200Ah Narada Polymer Gel Battery MP series @ Rs.140,000

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Dry battery Leoch Vision Powersafe

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