electric fence energizer controller

Fence Energizer

AMS Electric Fence Energizer AMS-EN 4285 is main electric fence accessories has output 12000DC Volts input voltage of 220VAC operated on 18VDC power supply. have built-in Alarm System , built-in battery charge controller, signal RFID Control system for customer convenience. has built-in wireless remotes and dry battery backup in case of power failure.

Fence Jurassic Insulator

Main Electric Fence accessories is insulators which are  using to pass wires between starting post to end post AMS Electric Fence Jurassic Insulators AM-IN 4290. It makes High Heat tested materials which are fire resistance and very hard to break. It has many types Jurassic insulator, post clamps, post hook, SS wire catcher, plastic fence insulators and fence reels available at best quality and price.

Jurassic insulator ams fro electric fence
Warning Sign Plates AMS Electric Fence

Fence Warning Sign Plates

Warning Sign plates are use to indicates burglar or any one wants to touch wires that there is danger 12000 DC volts High Voltage Current in wires. It has yellow color plates with black printing with reflector and PVC  materials for indication alerts . Warning Sign Plates AM-WS-4293 is part of electric fence accessories.

Fence Siren Hooter for Alarm 

Wired Electric 12v Siren 626 is used for security alarm Hooter sound indicates alerts in premises. 15 watt electric siren is used for electric fence system and part of electric fence accessories. Horn siren outdoor waterproof and weatherproof IP67. security alarm system super and fast louder hooter AMS siren AM-SR 4287.

Siren 12v Hooter 626 Electric Fence
high tensioners spring electric fence

Fence Springs for Tightening 

Heavy duty high tensioner spring for fence installation.  it is used for tightening wires from starting post to end post as electric fence accessories. AMS tensioner spring AM-TS 4289 are used with UPVC material and duly temperature tested product.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum Wire for Fence

Stainless Steel 1.2mm , 1.6mm, 2mm wires are used for passing high voltage current in pulse conditions. 1.6 mm aluminum wires also used for security purpose and make sure its grade are 316 for best quality. Test of wires also used of steel wires AM-SW 4286 in Lab.

electric fence wire stainless steel wire aluminum
SS Pole for Electric fence

Stainless Steel Pole 

Stainless Steel Post starting , ending and corner Post 0.75×0.75mm with 304 Grades thickness of 0.9mm are used to hold wires with rawal plugs and pole caps. Terminal End post AM-TP 4292 have 10 wholes for 08 wires passes away with international standard height of 40 inches and every wire distance are 4 inches.

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